Monday february 14th we returned to San Juan arriving around 6:00 am. "This is called turn around day" and is the day the people on the ship who have treated you like royalty all week start treating you like bad relatives who have overstayed their welcome. We had been eating breakfast around 10:00 am each day and on the final day we had to eat and be out of our room by 8:00 am. They have to get everybody off the ship and everything cleaned from top to bottom and the next set of guests starts arriving at around 2:00 pm and the ship sails again at eight. So we waited in the library until called to exit the ship around 10:30 am we went through customs pretty quickly this is why they stagger people exiting the ship so you spend some time in a lounge, theatre or other public area so you can spend 15 minutes going through customs instead of 2 hours. Then since our flight was not till 5:30 pm we decided to take advantage of an arrangement the cruise line has with the San Juan Marriott and we took a taxi there, they secured our luggage and we went to the pool.


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