Our 1984 Greece vacation and Cruise of the Greek islands aboard the Constellation

In 1984 Carol and I took our first ever big vacation. It was a two week cruise to Kusadisi Turkey and the Greek islands followed by three days in a "First Class" hotel in Athens. We then had the use of Carol's Cousin Erol and his wife Sue's house in an Athens suburb near the Airport for a week. Erols family was on vacation in turkey so we had the large 20 some room house to ourselves. This was a 4 day cruise and our first ever. The Constellation was a small 12,000 ton Greek Cruise ship that carried around 400 passengers.

Pleas Note : All the photos are from 20 year old slides scanned With a Nikon Coolscan scanner so are not quite as good as modern digital camera shots.

Group #1 of slides, Athens, Greek Island Cruise, Mykonos, Turkey, Patmos, Rhodes

Group #2 Rhodes, Lindos, Santorini, back to Athens, Delphi, and Meteora


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Small boats in Mykonos