On day one, Friday July 22. we left Denver and drove 50+ mi. West to Georgetown to ride the Georgetown Loop R.R..

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Carol, Karen, Ted GT loop IMG_5274 IMG_5284 IMG_5295 IMG_5298
Carol, Karen, Ted GT loop.jpg IMG_5274.jpg IMG_5284.jpg IMG_5295.jpg IMG_5298.jpg
IMG_5300 IMG_5304 IMG_5318 IMG_5321 IMG_5324
IMG_5300.jpg IMG_5304.jpg IMG_5318.jpg IMG_5321.jpg IMG_5324.jpg
IMG_5334 IMG_5341 IMG_5342 IMG_5344 IMG_5345
IMG_5334.jpg IMG_5341.jpg IMG_5342.jpg IMG_5344.jpg IMG_5345.jpg